• All you need to enjoy ICC HD is a FULL HD 1080 or HDTV (make sure it has HD ready' logo), an ICC HD STB and the HD pack.
  • Look for the HD Ready Full HD 1080 logo on your television, or check or your TV's instruction for the HD ready logo in specification. If you're buying a large or wide screen (anything over 37 inches), you will need a TV capable of displaying the full 1080 lines to experience the best quality picture quality that ICC HD can bring you.
  • Many types of TV programmes are the best suited to the higher resolution of 1080i, while other may look better in the progressive 720p format. ICC HD STB can receive both the 720p and 1080i broadcasts, allowing each HD channel to choose to broadcast in the format best suited to their type of programmes.
  • In order to watch programmes in high definition on your HD ready TV, you will need to be watching an HD channel through an HD receiver like the ICC HD STB.
  • HDMI (HIGH DEFINITION MULTIMEDIA INTERFACE) dramatically simplifies cabling and helps provide the highest quality home entertainment experience by delivering crystal-clear, all digital audio and video via a signal cable. It's the best way to connect your ICC HD STB to a Full HD or an HD ready TV.
  • The ICC HD STB has one HDMI connector.
  • Many HD programmes are broadcast in stunning Digital 5.1 surround sound, delivering top quality audio to accompany to your HD picture. In order to immense yourself in surround sound, you will need a compatible home cinema system. Don't worry if you don't have one - You'll still experience amazing picture quality of high definition only in stereo sound.
  • Up to five times more picture details and incredibly vibrant colour.
  • Superb quality sound - 5.1 channel surround sound.
  • Enjoy choice of over 6 HD channel and counting - the widest range of HD channels available.
  • All the features of advance DVR (Digital Video Recorder) with even more storage space of your choice - USB hard disk of your choice of capacity.
  • Enjoy and browse the internet on your TV
  • Go to Youtube directly on your TV and view choice of content you want.
  • Listen to thousands of Internet Radio channels available on the net.
  • Functions as a media player - can play back your videos from a pen driver or hard disk drive.

Separate Internet broadband connection and subscription required.

  • The highest format of high definition TV broadcast currently available is 1080i. ICC HD STB supports both this as well as the 720p HD format. Each HD channel chooses which format is best suited for their programmes.
  • Yes, you can record up to 60 hours** of high definition shows, or up to 185** hours of standard definition programmes on a 500GB USB hard disk. The ICC HD STB has all the features built in, like recording selected serial at the touch of the button, recording a programmes at once and even setting your ICC HD STB to record from your 7 days EPG or record one programme while watching another, rewind the programme you are watching and many more advance features.
  • The HD pack has the widest range of HD channels available. Experience everything from movies to art, drama and documentaries all in stunning high definition. The HD channels you will receive in future will depend on your subscribed package.
  • You can use ICC HD STB to record movies on ICC My Movies and store them for up to seven days**. You'll be only charged once you start watching the film, and then you will have 24 hours to finish watching it before the film is automatically deleted from your ICC HD STB**. During this time you can watch the movie as many times as you like, just like a DVD. *conditions apply.
  • The new and the improved Now, Next and Later banner shows your information for all programmes on all channels, up to 24 hours ahead
  • The channels info bar allows you to search the TV listing without having to miss a moment of the programme you're watching.

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